Please fill out our Order Form if you wish to book a locker for your school. Once this has been completed and sent, we will e-mail you our bank account number, which you can use to bank the correct amount into our account. Then we will post you your key.

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 One Term ($25) Two Terms ($35) Three Terms ($45) Four Terms/All year ($50)
Plus: Refundable Bond ($10)

I agree:

• That any replacement keys for the locker are to cost $10 and may take 4-5 working days to obtain from Stowaway Lockers.

• That any time I call Stowaway Lockers to attend to my locker for whatever reason I will have to pay a minimum fee of $35 to Stowaway Lockers.

• To return all keys within 7 days of contract expiring, by posting to-
Stowaway Lockers, 220 Ngunguru Road, R.D.3, Whangarei 0173.

• To extend this contract, payment must be made no later than 7 days before commencement of the term, to avoid the locker being reassigned to someone else.

• That it is my responsibility to ensure the locker is kept in a reasonable condition, and the padlock is left on when the locker is not in use.

• That when I have submitted the completed contract, and have deposited the correct payment into the Stowaway Lockers bank account, using the deposit form number which I will be sent, the receipt will be sent with my padlock key before the start of the term.

• And acknowledge that Stowaway Lockers accept no liability for loss or damage to property stored in lockers.

• That in an emergency Stowaway Lockers may have access to the locker and they shall not be liable for any damage caused to the locker or to any property contained in the locker.

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