We provide school lockers for rent to students in New Zealand schools.

The lockers are powder-coated metal, with graffiti guard, in banks four wide and four high, comprising 16 lockers in each bank. The individual lockers are 400 mm high x 450 mm deep x 300 mm wide. The lockers are compact, and can be tidily sited in surprisingly small areas.

We visit schools and work in with the wishes of teachers and students in consulting to find suitable sites for the lockers.

We have found that lockers can often be easily placed in or near accessible areas such as toilet blocks and foyers. We ensure they will not block exits.

All banks of lockers are screwed to the wall and secured to each other so they cannot be moved or overturned.

We handle all bookings, administration of keys and replacements if any locks or keys are damaged or lost. At the end of each year we require all keys to be returned, all locks are changed and all lockers undergo maintenance.